The quality of Finnish food production is world-class, and the purity of Snellman’s products is a well-known fact. The new production steering and control system of Snellman supplied by Roima Intelligence Inc manages the company’s production process with the help of 3D user interfaces. The new plant management system enables Snellman to enhance efficiency in production control as well as to improve and automate traceability.

‘We wanted to find a system which would support our process from the beginning to the very end and complement our Lean operating model, ensuring that we can utilize the valuable Finnish meat as raw material in our production in the best possible way’, states Juha Sarkkinen, CEO at Snellmanin Lihanjalostus Oy.

Enhanced competitiveness through continuous improvement

Roima will supply to Snellman a system-based service, which will improve Snellman’s competitiveness. The flexible system smoothens and facilitates work processes, improves quality control and traceability, and serve as a basis for continuous improvement. The system is easy to use and supports business and production processes, not the other way around.

The solution is based on interactive 3D visualization technology provided by software company Process Genius and combined with Schneider Electric’s Wonderware production control platform, integrated by Roima Intelligence. Wonderware has already become a standard in the food processing industry, and the visualization by Process Genius complements this with an advanced 3D user interface, ensuring transparency throughout the entire organization, from shop floor level to top management. In practice, all plants are modelled in the system using 3D technology to represent the real-world environment and ongoing production in each plant. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are also integrated into this comprehensive display. The system provides a comprehensive picture of the entire production at a single glance and enables immediate action without unnecessary delays.

By 2020, the system provided by Roima will cover the steering and control of meat raw material, traceability, quality management, and the internal logistics within plants and warehouses in all Snellman facilities. Compared to the old system, the new system is more versatile, comprehensive and agile and is able to support the ever-changing needs of business management. Thanks to its convertibility and flexibility, the system will be able to adapt to the needs of years to come. The visualization and user interface, too, are easy to tailor to the individual needs of each customer now and in the future.

A different way of thinking

Roima has gained a competitive edge in the IT industry through vast experience and know-how of the food processing and meat industry and their processes. Roima’s way of thinking differs from the conventional thinking in the industry, finding solutions through production, processes and people. Roima has been able to grow and provide the food processing industry with new solutions, which will improve the overall profitability and competitiveness of the entire industry and enhance the quality offered to the consumers.

The main objective for Roima is to improve the competitiveness and profitability of the Finnish industry and exports. In the Snellman case, these objectives have crystallized very clearly. While we together with Snellman are building a better competitive edge for them, we are at the same time enabling the supply of healthy, high-quality domestic meat and food for the Finnish consumers also in the future’, says Jukka Ropponen, CEO at Roima Intelligence.

It’s great to be able to support Snellman together with our cooperation partner Roima. In this solution, robust basic technology is combined with industry-specific expertise and innovative technologies. This is the way to create new solutions and real added value’, states Anu Haverinen, Sales and Marketing Director at Process Genius.

For further information, please contact:

Jukka Ropponen, CEO at Roima Intelligence Inc., Tel. +358 400 423 910
Anu Haverinen, Sales and Development Director at Process Genius, Tel. +358 50 5721 027
Juha Sarkkinen, CEO at Snellmanin Lihanjalostus Oy, Tel. +358 50 395 1979
John Aspnäs, IT Manager at Oy Snellman Ab, Tel. +358 44 7966 160