With our service, you can make changes to achieve more profitable production and more transparent management.

With the help of the Digital Twin application, we measure and analyze the productive time of equipment. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) supports the Lean approach or other efficiency software by helping production to be informed of the current situation and to gain access to the required data.

OEE helps you identify problem areas where you should focus on to provide added value to your customers. OEE, monitoring equipment-specific utilization and operating time is suitable for both manual welding machines and automated machining centers and everything in between.


Outline the current state and total capacity of your production plant


X The productive time and capacity of the equipment are measured and analyzed in a realtime view. ​

X Know your production in detail: what, how much and when has been produced


Make the necessary changes towards more profitable production


X Locate problem areas quickly and minimize waste

X Rearrange your production as needed

X Monitor turnaround times

As a result of these measures, production will become more efficient. ​Our customers have reported a 15–20% increase in productivity.


Predict delivery capacity and resource needs in the longer term


X Follow the KPI, job queue and job control view conveniently in a realtime view ​

X Streamline operations through data. Make optimal use of production capacity.



Customer feedback: “All relevant information is available in a single Digital Twin view for production, sales and production planning alike. The single view shows the production load, next job in queue, and the location of raw materials.”