PG Professional Services

Digitalization of industrial production and tailor-made customer solutions

PG Professional Services offers extensive experience and know-how as a provider of various digitalization solutions. Our extensive industrial know-how is combined with modern software and application development, when necessary boosted with 3D game engine graphics.

PG Professional Services delivers both complete solutions and know-how to support your company’s own software development.

Cooperation with strong partners

Our partner Roima Intelligence has created a strong know-how, experience and customer base in various industries, for example as a supplier of MES systems. Process Genius and PGplant MW products are, in turn, strengthening a strong foothold in visualizing MES solutions’ information for plants and factories within different industries.

We are also cooperating with Beckhoff Automation and utilizing its internationally competitive hardware and automation products coupled with various cloud solutions, remote control devices and an international installation network. Together with Beckhoff Automation, Process Genius can provide holistic turn-key solutions including hardware and software for real-time production monitoring.

Both cooperation with Roima Intelligence and Beckhoff Automation can dramatically increase our customers’ business operations and productivity. We will expand our cooperation with both of these partners.



Summing It Up

  • Opportunity for wider comprehensive solutions
  • Certified skills
  • Customized solutions for industrial needs
  • Extensive cooperation and partner network


The techniques we use

WEB Programming:
HTML, CSS (SCSS), JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, SQL, Drupal, VUE, React, Angular

Application and Services Programming:
C, C++, C#, Java, Python, VBA, MS UWP app, iOS Dev, Android (Java), Unity, SQL

Web servers:
Apache, IIS, NodeJS, NGINX

MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreDB, SQLite 3+

Thingsboard, Predix, IBM BlueMix, Thingworx