PGplant MW

Increase efficiency with the Digital Twin

The relevant information collected and displayed by PGplant MW adds to the production process more efficiency, safety and transparency. Investment decisions can be made timely and accurately.

The first step towards better productivity is real-time monitoring. Our experience shows that monitoring of key utilization rates and key indicators leads to improved overall productivity. PGplant MW is a tool that facilitates plant management and control as well as maintenance and repair functions.

The visual interface shows a 3D model of the factory environment. The factory, all the processes and machines are modeled on the PGplant MW 3D interface. PGplant MW combines and visualizes information in its real-life operating environment. Digital Twin: The ultimate solution brings a physical device, process, or entire factory duplicate to a virtual application.

PGplant MW application has data from a variety of background systems. The visual interface is layered so that the data which is relevant is shown for each user group.

Do you know what is really happening in your production?

PGplant MW is a cost-effective and easy way to monitor real-time production efficiency. In the future, production data will be the most important raw material of industrial production chains. The more precise data you can gather and the more closely you can monitor production processes, the better and more profitable your decision-making will be.

Experience has shown that monitoring real-time performance rates can increase overall efficiency and productivity by at least 20%

PGplant MW turns the physical environment into a virtual model making it easier to run and monitor plan processes. Users can explore each individual processes, related machinery and documentation, for example, displayed in the intuitive visual application. PGplant MW was one of the first Digital Twin IoT-applications for commercial use.

PGplant MW enables wider plant control when workers and managers alike can monitor and control the plant from the office or on the field.  PGplant MW enables access to up to date plant data 24/7.

“We wanted a system that would meet our requirements and could easily be tailored. Process Genius met our needs best. Our development cooperation has been interactive and smooth”

– Paavo Linna, CEO, Premetec Oy

Summing It Up

  • An easy purchase to generate profit
  • The system’s start-up cost is EUR 7900 + EUR 900 / monitored machine. The service maintenance cost EUR 375/month
  • Delivery time 6-8 weeks
  • Installation does not interrupt production
  • Offers real-time view of production
  • Provides an open interface to expand the system with applications from PG or others
  • Available as of March 2020, a 60 month leasing option without initial investment!