PG Family

Process Genius got started with the need for two salesmen to facilitate their own sales work. It took too much time to search and process information – there was a need for change. They gathered around digitalization enthusiastic future builders, “digimentalists”, who appreciate clarity, visuality and comprehensibility.

The PG family was born

The PG people are experts who harness digital technologies for the benefit of business. We manage user interface design, 3D modeling, software development, project management and gamification. We work independently with different technologies to meet ever-changing business needs.

We want to be the best in our field. We tackle challenges as a team where everyone is the forerunner of their own area of expertise. New technologies are a way for us to save our customers’ resources and enable new businesses. We share the lessons learned and the success stories to become better and better.

In our hands the visions become true and we achieve tangible results

Together we revolutionized the way sales representatives search and present information and at the same time learn more about their customers’ processes. We invented a great, visual way to shorten the sales process and create a customized product for the customer-specific environment already during a sales meeting. This was just the beginning. Our customers realized they wanted more: to increase transparency for their own business, to speed up their decision-making and to improve their productivity through the organization. So, we created an intuitive user interface that blends into the customer’s own operating environment and visualizes the information where it is needed.

And we do not stop here

Customer – we walk with you towards your goals. We are present and listen to you to understand the opportunities and challenges of your business. We challenge you to think from new perspectives. We bring our solutions to facilitate your everyday business. We save your resources. We transform your business data into a comprehensible information and reduce the amount of time needed for data-processing. We know what we can do and we are not afraid to suggest it. You do not always get what you ask for – you get something better.

For us, mechanical data collection is not enough. We believe that data must be processed to business insight, and it needs to be served to people in an easy-to-use format. This enables people to create better ways of working and more efficient operations. People see the big picture and develop the world, piece by piece. With us, you release space for creative thinking that leads to better productivity and even new business models. We are on the edge of technological development with our partners so that you can be at the forefront of your industry. We get the technology to meet your needs in a trailblazing way and we bring the innovation of our industry to your reach.

By combining multiple areas of expertise, we are building the ultimate Digital Twin solution – you do not want to run your business without it.