With our 3D Digital Twin application, you optimize the operating conditions and maintenance of your property. Information, operating conditions and energy efficiency from building automation are conveniently available.

You can also manage the operating conditions of one or more properties. Depending on the business or production environment, the items to be monitored can be, for example, energy efficiency, ventilation or even humidity. Our Digital Twin application collects data from devices and systems into a single view.


Operating conditions for the premises and optimizing cleaning

The comfort of your premises consists of several things that you conveniently monitor from one source. For example, cleaning can be optimized according to the utilization of the premises and, if you wish, you will be informed about even smaller comfort factors, such as the need for more paper towels or the greater need for ventilation.


Ensuring operating conditions for the production facility and the factory environment

In factory environment the cleaning can be optimized so that in a production environment, cleaning is scheduled when the machine is not running and no additional downtime is required.

Various error tickets are available in real time and for small disturbances such as a broken light bulb all the way to major faults you can operate on time to ensure optimal operating conditions.

You can also, for example, visually monitor the filling rate and emptying confirmations of dumpsters and other items, for example, or even make sure that the electrical cabinets are securely closed. You can ensure employee safety in challenging conditions, for example with information about the need for an extra break in warm conditions. ​

A digital overview of maintenance ensures that maintenance is carried out. With predictive maintenance, you ensure that unexpected failures and production disruptions do not occur and can be addressed on time. This can lead to significant savings.  ​

Developed for the needs of heavy industry and best suited for managing large properties.