Design models, data and human flows


Design and model spaces, data and human flows


Optimize the use of the property


Optimize the use of the property



Our editing tool allows you to review the functionality of spaces and the efficiency of workspaces already at the design stage, to ensure that changes in the spaces are successful.

For example, you can model floor space, work environments, machine locations, and plan human flows. After deployment, monitoring of facilities and human flows takes place in real time, allowing, for example, a timely response to pandemic restrictions.

Reservations for the management of business premises and meeting rooms are possible in connection with the creation of the 3D model. This makes it easier to plan and ensure the necessary and safe distances, for example.

With our Digital Twin app, you get the most out of your building's conversion flexibility and business requirements. You can optimize the use of the property to meet future needs.

If there are requirements in the environment to demarcate, for example, sterile or hazardous areas due to chemicals, the information is clearly visible in visual form.