Premetec, chosen as company of the year by entrepreneurs in Outokumpu, is doing extremely well despite the exceptional conditions. The company has faced new requirements, and has been solving them together with Process Genius Oy.

“Customers are increasingly interested in the origin and traceability of materials,” says Premetec’s Managing Director Paavo Linna. The company provides its customers with information they need as part of global digital supply chains. Process Genius Oy’s Digital Twin application has created transparency for Premetec’s operations. The origin of materials used via Genius Core™ is traceable. 

Customers want to be sure that the materials we use have been made responsibly, and that no harmful substances or child labor are used. In practice, material origins are traced using the Genius Core™ application, in which data on the materials is kept up to date. In addition to information on materials, a snapshot of the situation at the production plant is available 24/7 in a single view, showing what is happening and why.

Traceability and responsible production of material a must

Premetec makes metal and plastic parts, subassemblies, and Toolman by Premetec mass production tools for process and manufacturing industry. According to Linna, Premetec “picks up where others left off”. Their goal is to serve customers quickly, safely and productively – even with challenging materials. They can also support customer companies in product design and the development of product manufacturability.

Linna is happy to be among the first to measure and digitize its production, which brings it a competitive advantage. Premetec also uses Genius Core to monitor the production load in terms of security of supply.

Instead of heavy ERP solutions, we wanted visual workflow control with which changes can be made quickly and easily. Our goal was also to make data easily available for everyone.

Real-time production data at a glance

Premetec continuously invests in making the work environment more functional. A visual screen for workflow control, from which you can deduce important issues at a glance, plays a key role in ensuring smooth production processes. According to production manager Jorma Martikainen, a workflow control screen makes ERP easier:

A workflow control screen must be so clear that it leaves you in no doubt. Any lack of clarity will require moving around and increase the risk of accidents.

Joint view for production, sales and production planning

All relevant information is shown in a single view for production, sales and production planning. The Genius Core view shows the production load, which job is next, and where raw materials are located. Staff can contact each other through the application if problems occur. Linna thinks most companies would benefit from a single-view workflow control screen, and from Digital Twin in general. This can help to avoid unplanned breaks in production, and increase production efficiency.

Workflow control

Process Genius develops its platform continuously alongside its customers. When asked what additional features he would like to see, Linna mentions an interface with customers. “Customers would be able to follow their orders, further increasing transparency,” he says.