Our 3D Digital Twin app creates an identical copy of the physical real world that collects and visualizes data from production. The information is either collected from existing equipment and systems or it can also be collected manually.

The status of your production plant’s operations is available 24/7 from anywhere, and on any device.

We’ve received positive feedback from our customers regarding the quality of our visualization. A single screen, multi-layered view is easy on the eyes and provides plenty of information in a user-friendly format.

Visualizing production data makes it available to management and personnel in real time. Up-to-date production monitoring helps you react on time according to the situation at hand. This in turn makes cost savings possible.

Data to be visualized in the food industry:

  • Equipment / line operating data (real view, occupancy rate, exceptions)
  • Equipment / line content information (PLU, production volume, production speed, work phase / readiness)

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