Taking staff and visitor satisfaction to a new level with Digital Twin

Process Genius optimizes the use of real estate and business premises with a 3D Digital Twin.


Before the coronavirus pandemic, the use of premises was not a high priority. As a result, hygiene, safety distances and comfort at workstations became important. There are plenty of ideas for possible features that make life easier, but it is difficult to find an implementer for them. The optimisation of the use of premises would be improved by, for example, maps of the premises and seeing the reservations of workspaces in advance.


The Genius Core™ platform can be built with exactly the features that the customer wants. The platform, or digital Reittiopas -application, is a 3D digital twin corresponding to real-world premises, from which the use of offices can be seen in real time 24/7. Optimization of use is not limited to employees, but visitors are also considered. The user experience begins before entering the premises. Reittiopas shows available parking spot opportunities, and the nearest bus stops visually. In addition, information on the location and safety of different facilities can be seen.


With the Reittiopas -application, staff and visitor satisfaction has been taken to a new level. There are many employees and facilities, but finding available spaces has never been easier. All available offices and meeting rooms can be seen at a glance and moving between floors is easy. The platform also provides information on operating conditions and maintenance, making it easy to maintain workplace hygiene and repair any broken equipment. Cooperation with Process Genius continues, and the Reittiopas is constantly being developed. Next, we will work on a feature that will facilitate information sharing and plan to utilize location services even more extensively.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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