Efficient product development with Digital Twin

More efficient product development and feature testing with the Genius Core™ platform.


Product development and continuous development are important. In the manufacturing industry, the process is slow, as you cannot change a product much at a time without knowing whether the trajectories and other features will work.


The Genius Core™ platform can be used to model a product that corresponds to the real-world product. Modelling can be seen 24/7. The platform allows you to see trajectories and product-specific features. Design errors are easy to eliminate with the help of a 3D model.


Product development has been significantly accelerated with the Genius Core™ platform. Seeing the trajectories in advance, before putting the product into production, allows easier development and prevents minimizing design errors. The functionality of the product can be guaranteed at an early stage.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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