Digital Twin example

Smoother work with a visual overview

Factory image easily visible on all devices!


Safety and recycling are big themes in the manufacturing industry. Several regulations and laws have been made to regulate both themes. Inside the factory, it is difficult to illustrate the overall picture formed by these, and it may be difficult for the personnel to head to the nearest safety or recycling point if necessary. Also, inspectors must always go through the entire factory to know that everything is up to date and in order.


Thanks to the Genius Core™ platform, employees always know where all safety and recycling points are located. The platform provides a visual and real-time overall picture of the factory 24/7. The available safety and recycling points can be shown to employees even before entering the factory premises, as the platform also works brilliantly for orientation purposes.


Working is much safer and more efficient thanks to the platform. The visual overall picture is connected to the info screens, so it is available to the entire personnel 24/7. We have also succeeded in reducing the amount of waste, as we were able to add recycling points to more logical locations. The platform also facilitates the work of inspectors, as they can check, for example, whether the dates of fire extinguishers are correct and whether there are enough safety and recycling points in relation to the size of the factory.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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