Safety notifications from a week to five minutes with Digital Twin

Safety notifications from week to five minutes with 3D Digital Twin.


Making safety notifications takes a lot of time in the manufacturing industry. There has been no easy or certain solution to this. The factory has tested several ways to mark safety notifications, for example paper notes that gets easily lost, hundreds of lines of report data and pins on the map of the office wall. At worst, when reporting, it took up to a week as they tried to clarify the events.


Using Process Genius’ Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform, safety notifications can be viewed easily. The safety notifications are shown in the 3D modeling that corresponds to the factory in the real world.


Thanks to the Genius Core™ platform, it only takes 5 minutes instead of a week to make safety notifications. The time saved is considerable and new accidents can be avoided better when information about, for example, tasks requiring maintenance is available in real time on any device. The factory tested the platform first at one factory. When it proved to work, its use was extended to other factories in Finland and abroad.

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