Take control of data processing and analysis with Digital Twin

With Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin, a Manufacturing company significantly cut down electricity costs.


In one of our customer companies a large production machines have been malfunctioning or even incorrectly switched off for several days. The enterprise did not have a unified automated system for monitoring the status of production equipment. There was no real-time data to create the optimal schedule for the production equipment.


Using Genius Core™ platform, customer identified that several machines have been left in standby mode for more than five hours without any further active production systematically after night shifts. In standby mode one machine consumes 9000W and 9700W in the active mode. This means that each machine has consumed 9000W * 5h = 45kWh being in standby mode. Within a month, the inefficient operation of one such machine brought about 1000 euros of losses.


Thousands of euros are now saved monthly. Genius Core™ solution enabled customer to resolve the problem, eliminate sources and reasons for unreasonable expenses. As a result, the customer increased efficiency as they spend less time manipulating and analysing data. Operators got access to real-time tools that assist them in making optimized production planning as well as quicker and more informed decisions.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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