Boosting machine utilization rates with Digital Twin

With Genius Core™ platform, the company can measure OEE and improve manufacturing performance up to 30%.


A lot of paper tracking, spreadsheets, and poor understanding of key performance losses. The customer could not immediately see the output of the whole production line, experienced uncontrolled micro stoppages. No real-time data about down lost time, run cycle lost time, and production reject lost time that was available and could have been used to perform corrective actions and monitor their effectiveness.


Using Genius Core™ solution, customer has access to OEE layout (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) across their factory. The whole plant is now available in a convenient 3D model view with all production machines and equipment that show the OEE of each machine and the whole production.


As a result, the customer increased machine utilization rate up to 30%. Key performance losses were defined, and energy consumption decreased by 10%. Reduction in large material waste has been achieved, which has helped the customer save thousands of euros every month. Additionally, with the help of other Genius Core™ features, the customer achieved 30-35% time savings in daily production tasks, including maintenance and service issues.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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