Up to 80 % less waste with Digital Twin

Minimizing unproductive time and equipment inactivity with the Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform.


Without a comprehensive understanding of the factory or how the machines function, it becomes challenging to regulate unproductive hours. Production processes are often disrupted and a considerable amount of time is wasted due to small factors such as waiting, alarms, and set-up times.


Production Managers can easily track production processes and pinpoint unproductive hours by using the Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform. They can access the platform to see a live, updated summary of the factory and its various production processes. Previously unproductive hours caused by maintenance, alarms, and setup times can now be anticipated.


Unproductive hours have decreased by 80% as a result of the Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin’s implementation. Visually tracking processes throughout their entire progression increases productivity. For example, the frequency of downtime has been significantly reduced by anticipating maintenance tasks. Because of an overloaded condition occurring in any part, production lines are no longer interrupted.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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