Digital Twin as a tool has boosted sales

Machine modeling can be performed at any place and at any time using the 3D Digital Twin.

Digital Twin and Industry 4.0


Due to the pandemic, there have been alterations in sales practices, and in-person meetings are now less frequent. Nevertheless, when it comes to making significant financial commitments, it is crucial to have firsthand experience with the product and fully understand the advantages it offers. Additionally, there was a discontinuation of organizing different events or fairs where the opportunity to exhibit machines would have been available. Alternate methods of showcasing the machines have not been put into operation yet.


Machines can be simulated at any place and at any time with the implementation of 3D Digital Twin technology. The simulation of an actual machine demonstrates the motion of machines and the advantages obtained from enhancing production efficiency.


Due to the digital twin’s ease of showcasing machines and their features, sales have become more effective. Customers can familiarize themselves with their potential investment through modeling before making it.

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