See all the data you need at one glance

Numerous underlying systems were combined into a single, comprehensive view by the Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform.


In one factory, there exist numerous different systems and programs to measure performance and throughput. When discussing a large corporation, there exist numerous production facilities and factories, resulting in an overwhelmingly vast amount of data. Every day, a factory has to consider a wide range of factors specific to its operations such as safety protocols, work productivity, machine capacity, regular maintenance, documentation, production conditions, and various other aspects related to daily operational control. Obtaining a comprehensive understanding of all these things involves more than just relying on data.


With the launch of the Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform, there is no need for any new systems. The platform imports data from pre-existing machines and sensors into one digital view, where it can be viewed continuously and instantly at all times. The platform functions as a digital representation of a real factory and enables the connection of various factories to a single platform.


The digital twin platform has made daily management, documentation, and activity forecasting significantly simpler. It is now simple to keep an eye on the main activities occurring in the factory and the area around it, and switching between different factories is no longer difficult. The comprehensive view reduces unallocated and wasted working time for up to 50,000 minutes per day and reduces the time it takes to record safety alerts from a week to just five minutes.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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