Digital Twin made it possible to minimize production errors

With the help of a 3D Digital Twin, potential customers can examine and assess the capabilities of the machinery they are planning to buy beforehand.


In order to produce top-notch products, the machinery used in concrete industry must utilize cutting-edge technology at significant expense. Due to the crucial importance placed on flawless work, advancement is slow during the production phase. Although anyone can make a design error, it’s common to overlook it until the product is finished.


On the Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform, machines and equipment going into production can be pre-modeled. In order to avoid design flaws, modeling can be used to examine how the machine moves and performs.


Work processes have been greatly accelerated by modeling, and the ability to showcase machinery and other equipment to potential customers whenever and wherever is greatly boosting sales. Since fewer production errors have occurred, the equipment is more likely to be compatible and meet the intended specifications.

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