Remote guided tour with Digital Twin saves time

The Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform makes it possible to give guided tours of the manufacturing facilities remotely.


Helping newcomers find their way in different factories takes a lot of time. People like auditors, new hires, or equipment repairers may have never been to the factory site before. When trying to find the right location or machine in a factory that resembles a maze, a lot of time is frequently lost. Newcomers must be given tour around factory premises again if, even after instruction, it still seems confusing to navigate within the site and right locations for different machines can’t be recalled right away.


It is possible to see a factory representation that perfectly replicates the real world by using Genius Core™ platform. Even before entering the site, it is easy to access all the necessary information needed to navigate and find right locations within the factory premises. Each machine’s location is clearly displayed on the platform, and any platform device can cross-reference this data.


Remote guidance has resulted in considerable time-savings. There is no longer a need to conduct guided tours as frequently as before now that the platform is effectively presenting all the required information. Besides indicating the machine’s whereabouts, the platform also displays safety and recycling spots, as well as locations that need particular care, like a damaged railing. Navigating the factory is now much simpler, and workplace safety has improved notably.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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