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Genius Core™ platform for inventory management.


Managing inventory in large warehouses can be challenging. Time spent at work is squandered by sorting through crates, stacks of goods and what they hold. When pallets are frequently relocated, it can result in placing extra orders without knowing if the required tools and materials are still available. Afterwards, the required resources are discovered elsewhere, rendering them either unnecessary or obsolete.


Process Genius offers a 3D Digital Twin that creates an accurate representation of the warehouse, allowing users to easily view all aspects of the warehouse in one comprehensive model. It is simple to modify and include new elements to the pre-existing map. Users can move pallets to their preferred position on the screen by dragging them in the warehouse section of the interface.


By utilizing the warehouse management tool functionalities of the digital twin software, it becomes possible to showcase a visual representation of the warehouse layout on any device, illustrating the location of shelves and, for instance, storage pallets along with their respective contents. When the management doesn’t need to physically inspect the contents of the storage pallets on site, a significant amount of time is saved. As the content undergoes modification, a picture of the pallet is captured and uploaded to the user interface. Users can include any extra information you need and the relevant search terms, like shelf number, project name, or keywords, in the content. Using search terms, users can easily locate the required information within a matter of seconds.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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