Manage safety instructions and notifications, quality documents and production-related documents easily with Digital Twin

Folders and documents scattered around dozens of systems are now history. The desired documentation can be found in seconds on the Genius Core™ platform.


Documentation on the utilization rate of machinery, gatherings, safety guidelines and notifications, quality requirements, and any other concerns connected to production are crucial in a factory environment. Sometimes, finding a specific piece of information that is necessary to resolve a problem can take quite some time. For instance, when it comes to a complaint, the reason for the product’s flaw is still unknown because there is zero documented evidence of the events.


Using the Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform, you can easily locate all documents within seconds. Data related to e.g., condition information, safety measures, and production details is available in real time or for a selected time period. To discover the right event, you can simply employ specific search terms and include relevant dates. You can visually observe all the essential details in the model that accurately depicts the actual factory.


Managing safety instructions and notices, quality documents, and production-related documents can be done effortlessly. A task that previously consumed an entire week can now be completed within only five minutes. Genius Core™ has automated some of the company’s documentation processes, which allows personnel to extract the essential information about the product’s production in case of a complaint. This ensures that factory can uphold and ensure the quality standards. The perception of the company is contemporary and of superior quality.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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