The Digital Twin provides an overall picture of machine utilization rate and optimal use, which generates significant savings and improves production efficiency

Optimizing machine utilization with the Genius Core™ platform makes production more efficient and generates savings.


Various systems contain a substantial amount of production data. It is difficult to utilize the information because it is not presented in a user-friendly format. The machines frequently experience prolonged periods of inactivity, and there is a lack of information regarding the utilization of their full capacity. Before the machine breaks, it is not possible to anticipate when maintenance will be required. Machine breakdowns that occur unexpectedly result in substantial expenses and hinder the efficiency of production.


All factory operations and production are connected to the Genius Core™ platform. The utilization rate can be observed both as an integral component of the factory and instantly visualized for individual machines, aiding in optimization. Maintaining machines can be scheduled beforehand when it is simple to observe and track the machine’s overall condition, usage, and any alterations.


Having information regarding the factory’s overall situation, machine usage level, and the most effective utilization leads to considerable cost savings and enhances production efficiency. The week now contains nearly 700 additional hours of productive work. The data that is obtained is no longer limited to mere numbers; rather, it plays an integral role in the functioning of a factory, including production planning, maintenance, and safety precautions. Usage optimization has been made simpler and energy costs are minimized thanks to the assistance of the Genius Core™ platform.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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