Getting to know maintenance situations in advance is easy with Digital Twin

Familiarization with the operations and upkeep of machinery can be done effortlessly and efficiently with 3D Digital Twin.


Gaining familiarity with the operations and upkeep of machinery typically poses difficulties. The maintenance workers employed at the factory are not considered as permanent employees, and there is no prior requirement for them to have visited the specific factory previously. Knowing the whereabouts of the machine, the necessary components for fixing it, and the intended purpose of the machine are essential details that should be anticipated beforehand. Nonetheless, sharing information becomes challenging when you do not have visual access to the machine. Frequently, the individual in charge needs to fetch additional spare parts because of the insufficient amount of information.


By utilizing the Genius Core™ platform, users can easily view predictive maintenance information and essential data without any difficulties. The platform displays the positions of machines in the factory along with the components they consist of. The maintenance personnel can become acquainted with the machine beforehand.


Performing induction and preventive maintenance requires little to no effort and is simple to carry out. You have access to both the essential information and any additional details you may want to know about the machines, such as the components that need to be replaced regularly during maintenance. When you have access to a comprehensive overview of all the devices and their functionalities without the need to physically visit the location and examine them, there are notable time savings.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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