Amid the coronavirus pandemic and war, industrial companies have developed and launched new technologies and solutions that have met a genuine demand and supported sustainable development. This has helped the real economy to operate cost-efficiently and also improved European competitiveness sustainably. Investors are also interested in companies that perform well and do good things to the world in the process. Indirectly, this also create more jobs.

Time to move from non-essential matters to sustainable development of the planet

There certainly is need for change. The planet’s carrying capacity is stretched to the limit, and the human race is in trouble without concrete solutions. We can be part of real change, and it won’t be solved with new social media applications. We need to focus our attention on applications, goods and parts that are really needed. Logistics and mobility can also be made more environmentally friendly.

A new era, instead of techno hype, is beginning. The real economy and technological development that meets real needs are part of the big solution. Process Genius exporting has started, and we have grown into a global company. In recognition of our work, we recently received the Growth Company certificate by Kauppalehti, Finland’s largest business magazine (the sertificate held by Software Architect Teemu Karppinen on right).

Our company’s technology services and related expert services and service solutions also received the ISO 9001 certificate (held by CEO Jani Akkila on left). Proud of this recognition, we continue our sustainable growth and world conquest.

More info: CEO Jani Akkila +358 40 036 2024