Rakenna nopeasti fyysistä mallia vastaava 3D -ratkaisu yhteistyössä asiakkaan kanssa.

Quickly build 3D solutions that match a physical model in cooperation with your clients.

In the sales process, it is important to understand the customer’s needs and what is being sold.

With the help of the Process Genius configurator, clients’ data and calculations can be modeled in a visual format, 
giving you a better idea of what is being sold. It’s best to make any possible corrections at the design stage already. 

Once the solution is outlined, our application can be used to sketch different scenarios for the customer and ensure that the end result is 
as desired. Improve the quality of your sales process and increase customer satisfaction with the Process Genius configurator! 

You can save 2 to 4 days of work in every sales process!

“Previously it took us between a few days to two weeks for the finished images to be delivered to a client. With the new configurator, the same job can be done in a couple of hours.”

Tapio Pirinen, Business Director of Material Processing Machinery, Mantsinen Group

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