Process Genius delivers 3D Digital Twin solutions to the needs of the global process industry. We also fulfil the 3D-visualisation needs of smaller production facilities and business premises.

We act as a technology partner in Konecranes Machine Tool Service’s Smart Factory application, which has been developed to take factory maintenance to a new level.

Case Hätälä: Data visualization increases reaction speed in production and develops business

“We wanted an end to interpreting long strings of numbers, number lists and Excel sheets, and calling people for an overall picture of what was going on at the plant. With PG’s visualizations, anyone needing information can immediately see what is going on at the plant,” says Hätälä’s production and logistics manager Jari Jääskeläinen.

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City of Helsinki wants IoT data and digital solutions for wider use

The Pasila Library, in cooperation with Elisa, Digia and Process Genius, has provided a status display screen to the library’s customers and staff. The screen contains data collected from the library. Process Genius developed the display user interface and visualized information for different target groups.

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CNC-Machining Ltd wants to know – not guess – the long-term impact of the production

This engineering company believes that continuous renewal will bring world-class success. The key factor in operational profitability is the extent to which a machine’s actual capacity is utilized. To maximize productive time, CNC Machining Oy began collaboration with Process Genius, which provides Digital Twin services.  The new application made resource use transparent for managers. They no longer have to make guesses — a real-time view of the factory floor is available on any device.

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At Snellman, data visualization enables real-time tracking of production processes and saves money

The visualization of manufacturing at Snellman’s production facilities in Pietarsaari and Kerava is carried out using 3D Digital Twin software. The software creates an identical, virtual copy of the physical factory by collecting and visualizing data from existing devices and systems. The system can be installed without any need for renewal of the production monitoring system or for other new system acquisitions.

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Elisa PLC optimizes use of properties and business premises with Process Genius Digital Twin

Digital Twin makes managing business premises and reserving meeting spaces possible from a 3D model. This makes it easier to plan and ensure the necessary safe distances in situations such as a pandemic. Digital Twin can help you take staff and visitor comfort to the next level. Data on your premises, vacant workstations, and parking spaces is displayed in real time.

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From static images into a functional 3D environment at Mantsinen

Mantsinen has developed with Process Genius a product configurator, which is based on 3D modeling. Now salespersons can configure a customized crane or material handler during a single meeting.

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Digital Twin is streamlining the Flowrox sales network

Flowrox and Process Genius cooperation kicked off in 2012 with the Flowrox Pro application, which is designed on top of the Process Genius’s platform. The application has enhanced the sales network’s knowledge of customer processes and how Flowrox’s products can be used in different subprocesses.

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German company Prokosch adopts Digital Twin as a management tool, taking day-to-day management to the next level and enabling savings up to 20%

Efficient and reliable production processes and machinery are keys for profitability. With Digital Twin, the productive time and capacity of the equipment are measured and analyzed in a real-time view. ​The situational awareness features provide precise data on output – what’s been produced, how much and when. This makes locating possible issues easy and minimizes waste.

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Workflow control for a better work environment at Premetec

Premetec, chosen as company of the year by entrepreneurs in Outokumpu, is doing extremely well despite the exceptional conditions. Process Genius Oy’s Digital Twin application has created transparency for Premetec’s operations. The origin of materials used via Genius Core™ is traceable.

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New, open virtual platform for model buildings on plots and layouts

Openly available online and on mobile devices, the virtual platform displays all free plots in the Eteläportti area of Jyväskylä, and shows plot sizes and current owners. The application was specifically designed for companies or their partners involved in planning projects to test implementation alternatives. Visitors can use design tools to place various buildings on the plots.

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Process Genius is developing Mill Digital Twins in collaboration with Stora Enso

Thanks to mill digital twins, the daily ERP of factories has been taken to a new level. As digital twins share a cloud platform, individual factories can be connected to the platform, making it possible to access new features on them. A digital twin can mean a number of things. It can be a 3D model of a single detail or a copy of an entire machine, enabling virtually assisted reality or simulation to optimise performance.

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Konecranes Smart Factory takes daily management processes to a new level

Konecranes Smart Factory is an exact three-dimensional digital copy and model (digital twin) of the physical factory with which the factory’s real-time operations and processes can be viewed with a browser or mobile device. The Smart Factory, implemented with technology partner Process Genius Oy, collects important data into the platform from various software, device and sensor interfaces and creates a situational snapshot, available 24/7, on the plant’s production and maintenance status. From the visual model, users can see instantly the key information about production and maintenance.

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A revolutionary application – perfect production snapshot and benefits showing quickly on the bottom line!

Production and maintenance experts Konecranes Machine Tool Service, with its partner Process Genius Oy, have joined their expertise for the benefit of their customers, realizing a 3D Digital Twin application in which production and maintenance key metrics are available in the same view, maybe for the first time in the world!

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