Visualize production system data and utilize it in real time!

1. Top management of the company

An up-to-date snapshot of production and maintenance enables production management based on facts.

  • Overview of your production plant available 24/7
  • Lead with knowledge – be aware of what’s happening and why
  • Make decisions that increase productivity and reduce wasted hours
  • For example, you track KPIs and raw material levels in a single view

2. Factory-specific management and staff

  • More successful day-to-day plant management:
    • Faster flows
    • Results and rewarding made open and transparent
    • Visualizing wastage
  • Maintenance and safety observations in a single view

3. Staff

Utilization rate and capacity:

  • The job queue and job control view helps you find bottlenecks in your production
  • The ability to influence availability and respond more quickly to production deviations
  • Views of machines and production lines provide environmental and quality data

4. Factory-specific management and production management

  • Production data for the desired period
  • In the case of a complaint, an examination of the circumstances for the desired period