3D Digital Twin -application for complete situation awareness 24/7

Built on our Genius Core™ platform, our 3D Digital Twin application is an identical copy of the physical real world that collects and visualizes information from existing devices and systems. The status of your production plant’s operations is clear 24/7 remotely from anywhere, and on any device. A single screen, multi-layered view provides plenty of information in a user-friendly format. Navigating between different data layers is easy.

Take daily management processes to a new level – increase productivity!

The 3D Digital Twin app is an exact three-dimensional digital copy and model of the physical plant with which the plant’s real-time operations and processes can be viewed on a browser or mobile device. The application collects important data from various software, device and sensor interfaces and creates a situational snapshot, available 24/7, on the plant’s production and maintenance status.

An even more profitable production!

With our service, you can make changes to achieve more profitable production. Outline the current state and total capacity of your plant and make the necessary changes toward more profitable production.

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