Find out how Savorak Oy is selling docks at a record rate thanks to our modeling service or learn more about our virtual platform for modeling buildings on various lots.

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What if you could model buildings on lots and layouts for production?

Development of the Eteläportti virtual platform is a project managed by Business Jyväskylä, the business services unit of the City of Jyväskylä, and funded by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Central Finland, the City of Jyväskylä and the Municipality of Muurame. The implementation and further development of the platform is handled by Process Genius Oy.

The virtual model is embedded in a map, displaying the plot shapes, location data, zoning regulations and, for example, any earthmoving work required before construction begins. The design tools can be used to model the buildings in their actual size, providing a good idea of how any building would fit into the plot. Transport connections can also be assessed.

Openly available online and on mobile devices, the virtual platform displays all free plots in the Eteläportti area of Jyväskylä, and shows plot sizes and current owners. The application was specifically designed for companies or their partners involved in planning projects to test implementation alternatives. Visitors can use design tools to place various buildings on the plots.

On the new, open virtual platform, you can model buildings on plots and layouts for production.

The Eteläportti virtual platform also enables, for example, the layout planning of production facilities. Users can estimate how much space a production facility needs. The model will include other data control tools in the future. Users will be able to include items such as a production resource, for example the capacity of a painting unit, which other local actors can reserve. In this way they can avoid setting up their own painting unit, while optimizing the use of an existing resource.

In future, the virtual platform will also use data to enable the creation of new products and service concepts. Measurement data obtained from real property can, for example, be shared with various actors. Actors may also select only a certain part of a project that they want to share, and develop it alongside selected actors or, perhaps, customers.

The fact that you can make various drafts, pilots and prototypes in a virtual environment enables a range of actors to participate in the design process. This reduces challenges due to insufficient or incorrect communication, as any progress made in the virtual environment can be modeled.

You can add production line elements with the virtual platform tool.

Learn more about and test the Eteläportti virtual platform!

If you want to save your plans, you must register for the service and obtain a username and password. Registration takes place in the virtual model. If you want to upload any of your own design models into the model, for now you must contact Process Genius: 

Process Genius Modeling Services with the Configurator

With our configurator, you can quickly model a 3D solution identical to the physical model in cooperation with the customer.

No more sending images and data back and forth. With the configurator, the same work can be completed in a few hours. After Savorak Oy implemented a dock solution modeled with the Process Genius configurator, their process has gotten significantly faster. The modeling services are suited for all industries.

Savorak has been selling docks at a record rate through the new service

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