The manufacturing process is displayed in real time. Minimize waste.

Optimize production further

We visualize your production based on existing information, allowing you to make the necessary changes toward more profitable production and more efficient management. You can outline the production processes, their bottlenecks, and rearrange your production if necessary.

We measure the productive time of the machines and how much of the actual capacity of the machine is in use. Machine-specific utilisation rate and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is widely applicable to a variety of machines.

Outline the current state and total capacity of your production plant at a glance:

The productive time and capacity of the equipment and the utilisation rate of their maximum capacity are measured and analyzed in real-time. ​

Know your production down to the letter: what, when and how much has been produced

By having the required information available, you can streamline operations and make optimal use of production capacity.

Customer quote: “All relevant information is available in a single Digital Twin view for management and production alike. With a single glance view the production overview, next job in queue, and the location of raw materials.”

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