Konecranes Smart Factory

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Know what is going on in your factory – Situational awereness 24/7.

With Smart Factory, daily management of the factory is easy. With real-time data, production can more efficient and maintenance predictable.

Smart Factory 3D Digital Twin Platfoem: collaboration with Konecranes and Process Genius
Smart Factory 3D Digital Twin Platform

Smart Factory is a 3D Digital Twin Platform that gives you the needed data about safety, business, production and maintenance. Daily management is easy and all the data visually presented.

As a digital copy of the real factory it includes information that cannot be seen physically. Smart Factory concludes data from multiple systems and machines.

In the core of the Smart Factory there’s edge cutting technology provided by Process Genius.

Smart Factory features & benefits

01 Safety

  • See information about safety equipment and exit routes
  • Monitor your factory working conditions (temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and noise levels)
  • Get risk assessments and emergency reports
  • Check the locations of recycling bins and chemical storage facilities

02 Business

  • Follow KPI’s visually
  • Monitor daily performance and get data on long-term strategy and tactics
  • Make future decisions and plans based on actual data

03 Production

  • Follow machine specific usability
  • Improve machine utilization and production flow
  • Increase production efficiency and decrease time waste
  • Track and log manufacturing deviations and shutdowns quickly

04 Maintenance

  • See overall maintenance situation quickly in a visual view
  • Order maintenance tasks and monitor the status of the tasks
  • Get the needed information on predictive maintenance decisions
  • Improve maintenance planning
  • React quickly to downtime
  • Track maintenance costs by factory, department, and machine

Manage daily production activities based on facts.

Konecranes x Process Genius

Konecranes had been following the machine tool world for almost 25 years, and there was a clear change in what customers, regardless of the company size, expect from service providers. During these past few years, the following questions had also been asked frequently within the industry: “How could we visualize production?” or “How is digitalization visible at Konecranes?”

Solution to these questions was technology partner Process Genius. The partnership started in 2021 by inventing Smart Factory -product. It’s based on technology provided by Process Genius and substantive knowledge by Konecranes. Smart Factory was tested by implementing it to Konecranes’ plant in Hyvinkää and received good results.


Increased production efficiency in 6 months


Reduced waste


Reduced energy consumption

*figures obtained with a similar solution for industrial companies

“The application has also revealed where waste hours occur. This consisted of, for example, set-up times, waiting, small alarms and other issues that disturb production. Now we are able to determine how waste hours are created, and are in a better position to reduce them and to improve the processes.”

Tuomas Patanen factory manager at the Konecranes component plant in Hyvinkää.

Konecranes found out that nobody had just a single system, they all have to use a number of different systems to get data about what was going on at their plant. In addition to this, various levels of the plant had very different needs. What’s more, various digital twins were already in use and also different portals, but nobody had a complete overview from a single location.

By combining Konecranes’ deep industry knowledge and expertise with Process Genius’ technological prowess, the Smart Factory solution is changing the game for manufacturers worldwide.

Konecranes and Process Genius offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the evolving needs and challenges of the manufacturing industry. Smart factory solution unlocks new levels of productivity, efficiency, and cost savings, delivering transformative results that significantly impact our clients’ bottom line. With Konecranes and Process Genius joint approach, customers are provided with the means to optimize their manufacturing processes, streamline operations, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

Interested in Smart Factory?

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