Industry 4.0 and digital twin’s place in it

Gain insights into the significance of digital twins in the context of Industry 4.0, and how this powerful concept is reshaping the future of industries.

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In this fast-paced and ever-evolving technological landscape, Industry 4.0 stands as a groundbreaking concept poised to transform how industries operate and interact. It represents the integration of digital and physical systems, powered by emerging technologies, to drive automation, collaboration, and efficiency. At the heart of this revolutionary movement lies the concept of the digital twin – a virtual replica of physical assets or processes that holds tremendous potential for optimizing productivity, reducing costs, and empowering businesses like never before.

This whitepaper highlights the top technologies in Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin including:

  • Key products related to Industry 4.0
  • The definition and market size of digital twin
  • The difference between digital twin and other industrial software, such as ERP, MES, and EAM
  • The future of digital twin and Industry 5.0

3D Digital Twins across industries

Manufacturing industry

Factory in your pocket –24/7 situational awareness

  • Up to 83% waste reduction
  • Up to 30% improvement in production efficiency

Process industry

All factories in your pocket!

  • 50,000 minutes saved every day
  • Safety notifications from one week to five minutes

Food and beverage industry

The total capacity and utilisation rate of your production facility visualised

  • Up-to-date data on conditions
  • Respond to deviations quickly

Finnish software company Process Genius Oy was founded in Joensuu in 2012 to develop a Digital Twin solution to enhance the interaction between humans and data in industrial settings. IoT, the Industry 4.0 era, developments in digitalization and growth in the number of software had already led to a situation where an individual working in manufacturing had too many systems and data sources to handle. We set out to solve this factory-level challenge by gathering data from different sources into an exact browser-run 3D copy of the plant.

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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