A pioneering solution for day-to-day management in the global process industry.

Process industry

All factories in your pocket!

We have already revolutionised the working day of tens of thousands of people working in process industry. We refine your essential information into easily accessible and understandable format. 

We help you save up to 1,000,000 (million) euros / factory / year.

Reacting on-time and optimising operations, take the daily operational management of factories to the next level. This is possible with Process Genius’ 24/7 – 3D digital twin Genius Core™ platform.

Genius Core™ brings all selected data from already existing devices and systems onto one view, showing the factory and its surroundings in a multi-layered view that is easy to navigate. The cloud platform makes it possible to bring several factories to one platform and to share features with all factories. Whether it is, for example, maintenance and service activities or safety notifications, all the necessary data can be found in seconds.

How to achieve an unbeatable competitive
advantage in the process industry?

50,000 minutes saved every day

Work more efficiently with Genius Core™

Safety notifications from one week to five minutes

Make your time count

Maintenance outages take a huge amount of time and resources when they come as a surprise. Planning and anticipating outages is key to more resource-wise factory management.

With Genius Core™’s easy-to-understand overall picture, in addition to forecasting, you know why things are the way they are. Considered production stops can generate large savings.

Genius Workshop™ – Interested to discover how to use your data more efficiently?

Genius Workshop™ bridges the gap between potential opportunities and needs of your business
and 3D Digital Twin.

Matti Ilvonen

Key features

01 Bring to date information visually to the entire staff

3D Digital Twin gives you an overview of your production plant, available 24/7 – know what is happening and why.

02 Update the ERP of your production plant to a new level

Minimise the time required for maintenance outages, their planning, and production shutdowns.

03 Achieve the best possible plant, guest, and occupational safety

Reducing all accidents is a safety priority. All accidents can be prevented – in retrospect, there are no accidents that could not have been prevented.

04 Scale functionalities across multiple plants

The Genius Core™ conversion feature turns CAD and other design models into digital twins.

“The easier the information is to understand, the better decisions can be made. If decision-makers don’t know what the information means, they also don’t know how to act accordingly.”


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