A pioneering solution for day-to-day management in the global process industry.

Process Genius’s factory-level digital twins take plant day-to-day ERP to the next level. Thanks to the common cloud platform shared by the digital twins, individual plants can be connected to the platform, making new features immediately available in multiple plants when needed. A single screen, multi-layered view provides plenty of information in a user-friendly format. Navigating between different data layers is easy.

With the help of our service, you increase your competitive advantage by responding on time and optimizing your operations. Take your plant, guest and occupational safety to a new level.

The digital twin also works virtually as a production dashboard. In addition, relevant process data is made available to management and support functions. You can display the most relevant information from Scada or, in the absence of such, we can retrieve process data directly, even from device level to Dashboard view.

Maintenance and service functions are visualized in one of the sources, allowing you to act more proactively and address problems right away. As a result of these measures, productivity will improve. Built on our Genius Core™ platform, our 3D Digital Twin application is an identical copy of the physical real world that collects and visualizes information from existing devices and systems. The status of your production plant’s operations is clear 24/7 remotely from anywhere, and on any device.

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