The total capacity, maintenance situation and utilization rate of your production facility visualized!

Manufacturing industry

Factory in your pocket –24/7 situational awareness.

Lead with better quality, produce more efficiently, sleep tighter.

Measuring the utilisation rates of machines and grasping up-to-date 24/7 situation data enables production efficiency and cost savings. Our Genius Core™ platform brings all selected information from already existing systems and devices, visualising it in an easy-to-understand one-screen multi-layered 3D factory view.

With help from our platform, production can be optimised further. At a glance you can check out what your machines are currently producing. In addition to utilisation rate, you can check the maximum capacity and how much of it is in use.

With the help of real-time information, operations are more predictable and deviations in, for example, situational information can be caught immediately. Circumstances can also be reviewed in retrospect.

How to achieve an unbeatable competitive
advantage in the manufacturing industry?

Up to 83% waste reduction

Be a part of development – reduce the amount of material wasted and increase overall efficiency

Up to 30% improvement in production efficiency

Achieve revolutionary results in productivity and efficiency – significant reductions in hours wasted

You support comprehensive HSEQ planning, and a digital overview ensures that preventive maintenance and monitoring is up to date and that maintenance has actually been done.

The system can be installed without any need for renewal of the production monitoring system or for other new system acquisitions. Produce more efficiently and reduce waste.

Matti Ilvonen

Key features

01 Visualise data collected from production

Our 3D Digital Twin app creates an identical copy of the physical real world that collects and visualises data from production. Information is obtained from existing equipment and systems. The information can also be collected manually.

02 Optimise production further

We visualise your production based on existing information, allowing you to make the necessary changes toward more profitable production and more efficient management. You can outline the production processes, their bottlenecks, and rearrange your production if necessary.

03 Achieve revolutionary results in productivity and efficiency

The 3D Digital Twin app is an exact three-dimensional digital copy and model of the physical plant with which the plant’s real-time operations and processes can be viewed on a browser or mobile device.

04 Respond to deviations quickly

Reduce production line interruptions and achieve cost savings. If necessary, you can also transfer maintenance system information to the application.

05 The best safety possible

The foundation for effective safety management is purposeful and systematic operations. Reducing all accidents is a safety priority. All accidents can be prevented – in retrospect, there are no accidents that could not have been prevented.

06 In the event of a complaint, previous data on the conditions is available

The digital central view makes quality control easier. You are up-to-date on current and past condition data. In the case of complaints, the factual information and deviations at the time of the incident can be viewed retrospectively.


“An up-to-date snapshot of production and maintenance has enabled production management based on facts at Konecranes plant in Hyvinkää. The application has brought good results in operational use, and productivity has increased significantly during a six-month monitoring period. The best thing about the application is that you can even use it on your phone, taking remote monitoring to a whole new level.” 


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