The total capacity and utilization rate of your production facility visualized! Achieve complete situational awareness with 3D Digital Twin.

Built on our Genius Core™ platform, our 3D Digital Twin application is an identical copy of the physical real world that collects and visualizes information from existing devices and systems. The status of your production plant’s operations is clear 24/7 remotely from anywhere, and on any device. A single screen, multi-layered view provides plenty of information in a user-friendly format. Navigating between different data layers is easy.

Visualizing production data makes it available to management and personnel in real time. This allows for cost savings and up-to-date monitoring of production.

With help from our app, production can be optimized further. At a glance, you can see what the machines are currently producing, their utilization rate, as well as the maximum capacity and how much of it is in use.

With the help of real-time information, operations are more predictable and deviations in, for example, conditions can be reacted to immediately. Circumstances can also be examined retrospectively. The system can be installed without any need for renewal of the production monitoring system or for other new system acquisitions. If production is not automated, data can also be entered manually. If, on the other hand, not all the necessary information is available from the devices or systems, new monitoring targets can be censored according to your wishes.

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