Process Genius 3D Digital Twin visualizes the available data. What are the options for collecting data and measuring production?

Beckhoff Automation is an official partner whose equipment we use to monitor the utilization rate of the equipment being monitored. Inductive sensors can be used to measure the utilization rate by measuring the energy consumption of equipment. With the Beckhoff programmable logic control industrial computer, we can also collect data directly from the customer’s logics, which is visualized by the Process Genius Digital Twin.

Beckhoff supplies open automation systems using PC-based control technology. The product range includes fieldbus components, motion control products, industrial PCs and control panels, and software for automation applications. Products from the different groups can be used as separate components, or they can be integrated into complete control systems. Beckhoff products and system solutions are used worldwide in a wide range of applications, such as high-speed machine tools and intelligent building automation.

Machine utilization rate and energy measurement

We use the Beckhoff Embedded PC solution for energy measurement. Under laboratory conditions, the margin of error in power consumption measurement accuracy is less than 1%.

Using the current measurement data, our application calculates the running status of the machines and their utilization rates. Compared to other techniques such as on/off information from a contactor, power measurement is the preferred method. By measuring power, we can verify when the machine is actually in operating mode by setting thresholds.

With power measurement, our customers can also see the power consumption of their machines to save energy.

Beckhoff PLC
With power measurement, we measure the running rates of our customers’ machines using programmable logic control from our partner Beckhoff

We connect the Beckhoff logic to the Tosibox using an ethernet cable. The Tosibox connects to the customer’s fixed IP address to the internet.

Beckhoff virranmittaus
Tosibox enables a secure connection to our logic, allowing us to perform software updates to our logic and fix any faults that might occur.

Wireless sensors

Valikoimistamme löytyy myös paljon langattomia sensoreita, joilla voidaan mitata esimerkiksi lämpötilaa, kosteutta, värinää… toiveidenne We also have a wide range of wireless sensors that can measure temperature, humidity, vibration, and more. We have extensive experience with both wireless and wired sensor technology. For wireless measurements, we use products from brands such as Advantech, Haltian and Treon.

To discuss your needs with us, please contact our Field Service Specialist Jani Sirén, tel. +358 40 555 8166

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