Genius Day™

We help your organisation discover the best ways to use data in different areas of your production

Genius Day™ builds a bridge from the starting points, possibilities, and needs of your organisation into the implementation of 3D Digital Twin platform.

Why workshop?

Have you ever wondered how data could be used in your organisation to make processes and production more efficient? However, a solution completely similar to what you have wished for has not been done before. To find a solution that suits your organisation’s needs, we suggest running a mapping workshop to come up with the best-suited 3D Digital Twin for you.

The goal of the workshop is to discover your organisation’s most important needs for data visualisation with the help of use cases and user stories. During the workshop, we also map the background systems and existing data sources used by your organisation. This way we can focus on solving essential issues found in your organisation collaboratively and ensure that the solution brings value to your business.

Process Genius has provided several 3D Digital Twin solutions for the largest companies in their field in Europe. We help our customers discover the role of data and the opportunities it offers in their organisation as well as find the best ways to utilise data in different areas of production.

What do you get?

The workshop includes

During the workshop, we will take a deep dive into the customer’s key use cases and user stories, backend systems and data sources, data architecture, and ideas for ideal 3D Digital Twin platform.

The workshop is delivered as a participatory event either at the customer’s premises or remotely.

On the behalf of Process Genius, the workshop will be attended by an account manager coordinating the work, as well as a service designer and technology expert who understand the requirements of user experience, 3D modeling, and system architecture. We can help the customer identify the key people for the workshop, if needed.

Key outcomes

The final result of the workshop is a compilation that clearly describes the user stories and the most important needs and benefits of the Digital Twin solution.

Based on the information gathered during the workshop, we can also give a budget and schedule estimate for the implementation of the solution.

Possible options after the workshop are: 1) Creating an interactive prototype as a basis for software development, 2) Agile software development with team dedicated for the customer, 3) Our standard solution Genius Core™, or 4) Modeling of facilities and equipment as needed.

Genius Day™

from 5,900

The price of the Genius Day™ starts from €5,900 (VAT 0%), which includes:

One man-day to make necessary preparements

One workshop, lasting from 4 to 6 hours

One man-day to compile the final report

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