Genius Core™ technical features

With our Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin software, you create the best real-time view for your different business needs

The software for our services is the result of long-term in-house development effort. The software package is built to be modular in terms of functionality. It is the modularity that allows us to provide our services according to different needs, from our SaaS offering to the factory premises as well as to our customers’ own server facilities. In this case, the required entity is built from exactly the modules that the desired functionality needs.​

The data modeling capability of our software has been created to meet the most diverse business needs. It considers the visual requirements of different roles in terms of data modeling, from individual raw material consumption and production line efficiency to summary views of the entire production management team. 

Genius Conversion TM

Genius Conversion ™ serves as a view builder tool.​

In this module, CAD images and data streams are converted to 3D views. Genius Conversion ™ is part of our overall service that allows views to be created directly in the Genius Core ™ service module. With Genius Conversion ™ you may ensure that all changes in production are updated seamlessly to digitalized views. The Genius Conversion ™ service can also be used independently to support the customer’s own systems.​

Genius Core TM

Genius Core ™ includes the key functionalities of modeling and analysis.​

Access rights, views, view functionalities, view content, information modelling, required analytics for 2D and 3D modelling are managed in the Genius Core ™. Genius Core ™ is a SaaS service. This service module, as well as our other service modules, can also be placed in the customer’s own data center or cloud platform if the SaaS service model cannot be utilized.​

Genius Database

Genius Database covers the necessary database solutions for modelling, processing and storing data from various data sources.​

The module provides relation and time series database services to meet the needs of overall solutions. If required, database services can be placed in the customer’s own computer rooms or in the cloud. Utilization of the customer’s own database is also possible if the SaaS database service is not seen as possible.​

Connection Hub

The Connection Hub is a gateway for data flows and integrations.​

This module enables the secure and controlled integration of data sources into the overall solution. Among other, access to sensor data and external databases and data sources is managed in this module. The Connection Hub also serves additional features of Genius Core, such as forwarding SSO information to enable transparent user authentication against customer Active Directory credentials.​

Factory systems

The factory system integrations implementation is a part of the full-scale service delivery.​

The Genius OPC-UA software module and our Beckhoff Gateway solution ensure effortless integration with factory systems by enabling real-time data utilization as part of a service package.​

Quality assurance is in central to all our operations

To ensure service and software development, we have developed several processes that improves the quality and efficiency of our operations. In addition to our experience and the feedback we receive, we use Agile and Scrum methods in our development of the service and software. In our operations, we utilize ISO 9001 and ISO 27000 standards as well as ITIL and Cobit models.