Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform

3D Digital Twin for industrial excellence

Genius Core™ is a browser-based 3D Digital Twin developed specifically for the manufacturing sector, which collects and visualises information about the factory and existing equipment and systems.

Digital Twin enables our customers in manufacturing and logistics to maximise productivity, minimise waste, predict production downtime, improve safety and collaboration between teams.

3D Digital Twin platform for manufacturers

What is a Digital Twin?

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Digital Twin is an application that aims to digitally represent and predict the physical world and its activities. These applications typically create a 3D digital model of an object, which is then guided and enriched by data collected from the real world.

With our Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform, you can improve the operation and performance of your machines, systems, and other production processes, manage maintenance costs and significantly reduce waste.

What are the benefits of Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform

01 Production

  • Production tracking
  • Machine utilisation rate
  • Improved detection of bottlenecks
  • 24/7 situational awareness
  • Decisions based on real-time data

02 Maintenance

  • Accident and deviation info
  • Machine exception behaviour reports
  • Preventive maintenance and its scheduling
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Maintenance instructions for frontline workers in one click

03 Safety

  • Easy reporting of situations close to accidents
  • A safety layer of your plant with fire extinguisher locations, safety exits, eye wash points, etc.

04 Quality

  • User-defined areas to which you can link documents, work instructions, list of tools, and other specifications of what should be in each area to facilitate audits.

05 Sustainability

  • Water and electricity consumption in real time
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions such as air condition, temperature, and humidity

06 Data management and analysis

  • Collect data from production systems in on one place
  • Self-editable graphical reports available for export

With our Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin, you create the best real-time view for your different business needs

The software for our digital twin services is the result of long-term in-house development effort. The software package is built to be modular in terms of functionality. It is the modularity that allows us to provide our services according to different needs, from our SaaS offering to the factory premises as well as to our customers’ own server facilities. In this case, the required entity is built from exactly the modules that the desired functionality needs.


OPC UA software module integrates and automates data collection within your factory

The factory system integrations implementation is a part of our full-scale service delivery.​ The Genius OPC UA software module and our Beckhoff OPC UA connection solution ensure effortless integration with factory systems by enabling real-time data utilisation as part of a service package.​ If an OPC UA connection is not available, we use wireless sensors intended for industry to measure various quantities, with the help of which the customer gets information about the desired quantities such as the utilisation rate and power consumption of the machines, the temperatures, and humidity of the environments.

Questions? We have answers

How will Genius Core™ increase my production productivity?

Genius Core™ provides real-time visibility into the manufacturing process with accurate data. Acquire valuable insights and empower informed decision-making to enhance your factory floor operations. Monitor availability, minimise downtime, optimise throughput and performance, enhance quality control, identify root causes, and establish connections between process data, downtime, and waste all within an immersive real-time 3D Digital Twin environment.

What key functionalities of modeling and analysis does Genius Core ™ include?

Access rights, views, view functionalities, view content, information modelling, required analytics for 2D and 3D modeling are managed in the Genius Core™. Genius Core™ is a SaaS service. This service module, as well as our other service modules, can also be placed in the customer’s own data center or cloud platform if the SaaS service model cannot be utilised.​

Does Genius Core™ provide quality assurance and data security?

Yes. To ensure service and software development, we have developed several processes that improves the quality and efficiency of our operations. In addition to our experience and the feedback we receive, we use Agile and Scrum methods in our development of the service and software. In our operations, we utilize ISO 9001 and ISO 27000 standards as well as ITIL and Cobit models.

Ensuring data security is of utmost importance to us. Our data collection software is designed solely to transmit data to our software, further enhancing security. Our software operates within a dedicated public cloud environment, specifically Microsoft Azure, guaranteeing a secure infrastructure.

Can you integrate Genius Core™ with my ERP system or OEE software?

Yes, Genius Core™ can integrate data from the most ERP systems as well as from the OEE, MES and SCADA software. Besides this Genius Core™ can connect with environmental sensors, device sensors, 3rd party systems like facility, material, document managers and with other manufacturing software.

Who can tell me more about the solution?

Due to the fact that manufacturers experience different needs sales team is always ready answer your questions and to find a better solution for challenge. In addition to this you can also have a Genius Workshop, where we will use a real data from the plant and provide a more precise estimate of your current case.

Digital Twin solutions across industries

Manufacturing industry


Manufacturing industry

Measuring the utilisation rates of machines and grasping up-to-date 24/7 situation data enables production efficiency and cost savings. Our Genius Core™ platform brings all selected information from already existing systems and devices, visualising it in an easy-to-understand one-screen multi-layered 3D factory view.

Process industry


Process industry

Reacting on-time and optimising operations, take the daily operational management of factories to the next level. This is possible with Process Genius’ 24/7 – 3D digital twin Genius Core™ platform.

Food and beverage industry


Food and beverage industry

Built on our Genius Core™ platform, our 3D Digital Twin application is an identical copy of the physical real world that collects and visualises information from existing devices and systems.

Smart building management


Smart building management

Utilise the data you get from building automation, reservation systems and maintenance. Ensure optimal use of your premises in the future. Get a central 3D view of your property.

3D modeling and training services


3D modeling and training services

Virtual environments and 3D modeling offer near limitless opportunities. Learn more about our VR training services and solution for sales organisations.

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