Digitalization adds predictability and saves time


Premetec Oy is a contract metal and plastic product manufacturer and subcontractor based in Outokumpu. Premetec was using a LEAN board production management system but Premetec’s people wanted to digitalize it to create a system, which can be used anywhere, using a web browser. Process Genius 3D-modeled Premetec’s plant digitalized its production management system and added production predictability with the help of data.

3D modeling of the plant began towards the end of the spring, 2017. “We wanted a system that would need our requirements and could easily be tailored. Process Genius met our needs best. Our development cooperation has been interactive and smooth,” says Premetic Oy CEO, Paavo Linna. The system was developed during autumn 2017 according to Premetec’s needs. The old practices are gradually being phased out totally.

From paper to the web

In the past, all the checks associated with machines and client deliveries were done on site.  “The supervisors walked the factory floor to see how the work was going, which items were being dispatched, whether the machines were running and so on. Information on deliveries and materials was all on bits of paper. Now everything is managed digitally which means we spend less time on supervision and production monitoring” says Linna.

All production data is embedded in the browser-based Process Genius PGplant MW Digital Twin user interface. The system gathers and combines data, for example about customers and their orders, work orders, production control, product documentation and machine usage rates. Plant monitoring and supervision are still in the hands of people, but they need not be physically present since production can now be remotely monitored and controlled.

Digitalization adds predictability and saves time

Thanks to the new system, information is better and more quickly available when needed. “If a customer calls us, we can check the order from the solution and give them the information they need, even from home. We also have data on how an equivalent order has gone and how long it took to complete and with that information, predict when the following orders will be ready” adds Linna.

In the future, Premetec’s customers will be able to open a personalized view within the user interface to check their order status directly from the system. This will save both Premetec’s and their customers’ time. “I hope we will be able to add our raw materials suppliers to the system, so they can see right away when we need raw materials in production” states Linna.