Together with your company, we develop suitable production environment digitization solutions. We analyze data and visualize it in a way that helps you streamline your organization’s operations.

Bring up to date information visually to the entire staff

Zoom in from the top view of the plant to the operating and maintenance data of an individual device.

Look over plant operations and KPIs in a single view.

Documentation of plant operations can be visualized.

Successful leadership involves open and transparent operations where goals are shared and information is available to all. With our 3D Digital Twin platform, information about multiple tracked items is transparently available throughout the organization. You make day-to-day management easier and take it to the next level.

Lead successfully with open and transparent operations. With our platform, you create common goals and make information available to everyone.

Integrate the management and quality methods you use, such as Lean, 5/6 S, and Six Sigma, into your Digital Twin platform. 

Shared goals and real-time information about different targets are available throughout the organization. Different views can be available for different staff groups, making the most relevant information visible in a user-friendly manner.

The staff also has the opportunity to predict and react faster to deviations in production.

“Previously we had to read through hundreds of rows of reporting data, but now it’s enough to take a quick look at the digital twin to get an idea what’s going at the factory.”


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