Together with your company, we develop suitable production environment digitization solutions. We analyze data and visualize it in a way that helps you streamline your organization’s operations.

Achieve the best possible plant, guest and occupational safety

The foundation for effective safety management is purposeful and systematic operations. Reducing all accidents is a safety priority. All accidents can be prevented – in retrospect, there are no accidents that could not have been prevented.

This is achieved through a comprehensive and up-to-date HSEQ view and plan. The most important thing is to identify and correct potential risk factors before accidents occur. 

With the help of our application, you’ll always be in the know about what’s going on at your production plant. You’ll be able to check the whereabouts of your plants vehicles, for example.

With our Digital Twin platform, you receive all the safety-related findings immediately and you can react to safety threats on time. The application quickly shows the locations of the events. The visual view also allows you to conveniently illustrate an up-to-date safety plan and the emergency exits.

A complete security snapshot with our 3D Digital Twin platform

Immediate information about any alarm – find out where and why the alarm went off.

Examples of alarms:

fire alarms

gas, liquid and chemical leaks

exceeding the limit values for environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.)

system alerts

Safety information: 

fire extinguisher maintenance and locations

locations of first aid equipment

emergency exits and assembly areas

documentation for hygiene and safety areas such as safety, operating and hygiene instructions

reporting and management of safety findings

Service and maintenance: 

real-time maintenance monitoring

preventive maintenance

security and other device status information

All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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