The manufacturing process is displayed in real time. Minimize waste.

The 3D Digital Twin app is an exact three-dimensional digital copy and model of the physical plant with which the plant’s real-time operations and processes can be viewed on a browser or mobile device.

The application collects important data from various software, device and sensor interfaces and creates a situational snapshot, available 24/7, on the plant’s production and maintenance status.

From the visual model, users can instantly check the key information about production and maintenance. The application enhances day-to-day management and the ability of staff to respond in many ways.

An up-to-date snapshot of production and maintenance enables production management based on facts.

Revolutionary results have been obtained of the application in operational use:

The results are visible quickly, speeding up the plant’s daily management and moving towards a LEAN philosophy.

The application enables:

At a Konecranes plant in Hyvinkää, the application has brought good results in operational use, and productivity has increased significantly during a six-month monitoring period.

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