Monitor food waste and energy consumption, create safe operating conditions.

With 3D Digital Twin platform, you can visualize a variety of sustainability metrics. You can make easy use of the information at hand in audits, for example.

With real-time snapshots you have the opportunity to create safer operating conditions. If necessary, you can also link maintenance system information to the platform.

For example, track and visualize the following items:

Material efficiency -> utilize loss counter: accepted vs. rejected + reasons; consumption of packaging material

Energy efficiency -> energy consumption by site and with different monitoring periods

Water efficiency -> water consumption, amount of wastewater

The platform allows you to create a comprehensive safety snapshot:

Safety alerts –> information about the alarm available immediately, find out where and why the alarm went off.

Examples of alarms:

fire alarms at location

exceeding the limit values for environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.)


cleanliness acknowledgments (product and equipment hygiene)

self-monitoring acknowledgements

Occupational safety instructions:

“close call” notifications

security findings

occupational safety counter

locations of exit routes and first aid equipment

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