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To conquer humanity’s greatest challenges, which the business world is now trying to meet, we need to skillfully tease out human cooperation, empathy and systems intelligence.

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Gaining international traction, Process Genius is a pioneer in browser-based 3D Digital Twin solutions

Software company Process Genius Oy was founded in 2012 to develop a Digital Twin solution to enhance the interaction between humans and data in industrial settings. IoT, the Industry 4.0 era, developments in digitalization and growth in the number of software had already led to a situation where an individual working in manufacturing had too many systems and data sources to handle. We set out to solve this factory-level challenge by gathering data from different sources into an exact browser-run 3D copy of the plant.

Even when our first platforms had already been in operational use in our client factories for a while, we were still calling them a 3D overview, as the term Digital Twin only began to gain traction around 2017. Robust experience with Digital Twin solutions from the time before digital twins gave us an edge to lead the industry in industrial environments. During the last few years, we’ve powerfully strengthened and developed both our processes and the Genius Core™ platform by combining industrial expertise and experience with the latest technologies. The scalable Genius Core™ is a platform that works on a SAAS model. All five of our business sectors use the same platform. Our client companies benefit from ongoing development, with new features included in their monthly fee.

Our operations are especially well-established in manufacturing, process industries and the food industry. Additionally, our platform’s moving 3D image and light simulation capabilities are utilized in specialized applications in machine and equipment sales and premises management.

Our clients consist of several of Finland’s largest listed companies, and they rely on us to provide the most efficient visual, easy-to-use overview of entities consisting of several production units from the factory floor all the way to top management. Thousands of these companies’ machines, both in Finland and abroad, are connected to 3D Digital Twin and provide a complete situational overview 24/7. In addition to Finland, we’re scaling up our operations in several other countries, including outside Europe.

Intelligence is not enough

The processing of the data overflow described above for genuine human use is crystallized in our slogan, “Intelligence is not enough.” In this age of digitalization, automation and robotics, we should put people back at the center. After all, regardless of how smart and data-rich our systems are, in the end, we are still the ones responsible for what happens. Industrial activity must also take responsibility for the environment and climate change, and the best way to manage responsibility is to transparently bring related issues in front of people’s eyes in our organizations.

Experience and robust clientele combined with a growing and developing organization create the opportunity to remain a pioneer of this development in the future as well. It is important to understand that often new, fancy-sounding technologies or equipment cannot work on their own, instead requiring the ability to link the various data to a virtual copy of the real world, a digital twin. Since before the term Digital Twin came about, our vision was to enable the virtual experience and tracking of factories.

Accordingly, we have experimented with utilizing AR/VR/XR equipment alongside our product. Today, with computing power increasing, the prices of technology falling and software evolving, we’re getting ever closer to the Metaverse. The next leap that naturally follows, especially in multi-location industry, is the Omniverse. Relative to the current size of our company, we constantly invest substantial sums in product development and make sure, with a passionate approach to our craft, that when Gartner launches a term for the next step, we’ve already implemented that next step.

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