Thursday 20th April was a big day for Process Genius at Hannover Messe, since our Business Development Manager Valtteri Tanninen took the stage with his presentation on 3D Digital Twin for sustainable manufacturing.

Did you know that every year industry consumes energy 4,5 million terajoules – 23% of which is from manufacturing? And in 2020 the total waste generated in the EU was 2 153 million tons – with manufacturing creating 10,7% of those?

Large numbers like this mean that other recent developments in the world have a huge impact on manufacturing industry. The electricity costs have been rising and the average European price level has increased sevenfold from 2020 to 2022 putting pressure to make the most out of every megawatt-hour.

Added to this, the costs related to raw material have also been increasing. With high prices there is pressure to cut down the number of potential losses that come from machines not working as effectively as possible.

Another factor is unplanned downtime, which 82% of businesses experienced in 2018 with costs rising to $260,000 an hour. This kind of event can affect not only loss of raw material but also the effectiveness of the production equipment.

The environmental crisis combined with problems created by rising costs of electricity and unplanned downtime is putting manufacturing in a tricky spot that requires situational awareness unlike ever before.

Luckily, all these problems can be tackled with one solution. Genius Core ™, a 3D Digital Twin, helps companies collect all the vital information from security to maintenance into one platform. The better you know what’s happening, the more you can reduce costs and energy consumption – 3D Digital Twin can save up to 20% electricity costs according to studies!

Read more about how our solution can help companies in manufacturing industry – or reach out directly to Valtteri Tanninen.