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Process Genius is a pioneer in 3D Digital Twin solutions for manufacturing and process industries. With Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform, you can maximize productivity and safety, improve maintenance and make data-driven decisions with better control over your assets.

  • All the data you need at one glance
  • No more new systems
  • Savings up to a million euros with Digital Twin
3D Digital Twin platform for manufacturers

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Unleashing the power of Digital Twin across industries


We support your production
and maximise the benefits

Safety notifications from one week to five minutes

Take the daily operational management of factories to the next level.

We reduce waste by up to 83%

Ensure that preventive maintenance and monitoring is up to date.

We save 50,000 minutes every day

Considered production stops can generate large savings.

Up to 30% improvement in production efficiency

Achieve revolutionary results in productivity and efficiency.


Industry 4.0 and digital twin’s place in it

Download our whitepaper and read the latest expert insights on the role of the digital twin in industrial digitalisation.

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Featured customer stories

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Elisa PLC optimises use of properties and business premises with Process Genius Digital Twin


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All the data you need at one glance. One solution.

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